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General information on numerology: Points have a deep influence in life, if seen, human life is based solely on points. In numerology, based on the date of birth, one can get all the information related to a person’s life. Even if a person does not know the complete information of his birth time, he can get information about his future through numerology. Every person has some main number according to his date of birth. Where that number can have positive and negative effects in its life and when can we reap the maximum benefits at the particular time, all this can be calculated through numerology in a scientific way.

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Let us quickly understand the key characteristics of each of the numbers:

Number 1 : True Leadership Qualities.

Number 2: Feminine, cold and inactive.

Number 3: Great intelligence and knowledge.

Number 4: Unpredictable, practical, hardworking.

Number 5: Friendly and diplomatic in nature.

Number 6: Charming and sensitive in nature.

Number 7: Spiritualistic and connected to nature.

Number 8: Self-confident, determined, and mysterious in nature.

Number 9: Strong hearted, Disciplined and courageous.

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